Hanukkah Gift Baskets

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Hanukkah begins the evening of Sunday, December 22, 2019
All products are certified Kosher under Orthodox Rabbinical Supervision.

Note: Orders submitted after 2:00pm EST on Friday, on Shabbat, the weekend and holidays will be processed promptly on the next business day
Chanukah Coffee Mug
Product Description:
We fill our adorable painted Chanukah coffee mug with crunchy Chanukah cookies, luscious Ghirardelli hot cocoa, nuts, Chanukah gelt and dreidel. Beautifully presented with cellophane and a bow, this gift is sure to please. Our chocolate babka is the perfect pastry to go with your coffee or tea.

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Chanukah Sweets Gift Basket

Product Description:
Casual Chic just for Chanukah. This Chanukah Sweets Gift Basket is filled with crunchy Chanukah Shortbread cookies, flavored coffee, flavored tea, tropical fruit, chocolate covered pretzels, Chanukah Gelt (Chocolate) and Draydel. It's a small basket that packs a BIG punch!


Small Glitter Chanukah Box

Product Description:
Our silver and blue glitter box makes a huge statement at a moderate price. Along with the adorable Chanukah shortbread cookie and Chanukah gelt, we include nuts, flavored coffee, dried fruiit, fruit confections, fruit preserves and more. Pareve & Dairy items.


Chanukah Gourmet Treats Basket

Product Description:
Our Chanukah Gourmet Treats basket has just the right combination of cookies, candies, chocolates and other treats. Who would not want a deluxe gift box of chocolates, dried fruits, cookie bites, flavored coffee, olives, chanukah cookies and chocolates? This basket has something for everyone.


Chanukah Dreidel Gift Basket

Product Description:
Send a taste of Chanukah to your family and friends.Our affordable Dreidel basket has a unique selection of treats with Chanukah cookies,,, dreidel candy and a chocolate Chanukah lollipop. Also included nuts, candy confections, chocolates, crackers and dried fruit.


Chanukah Special Assortment Basket

Product Description:
A Chanukah Special Assortment Basket has an assortment of enticing treats, chocolates, coffee, cookies, premium nuts and more beautifully arranged on a reusable plastic tray and tied with a big bow. For Chanukah, we add crunchy Chanukah cookies, creamy chocolate Chanukah gelt, dreidel and more!


Chanukah Cookies and Candles

Product Description:
Celebrate Chanukah with cookies, candles and gelt! We fill our oval metal basket with Chanukah shortbread cookies, chocolate gelt, a million dollar bar, flavored coffee, nuts, caramel popcorn, menorah candy and more. Included is a box of candles to light the holiday menorah! Add some extra gelt for all the kids.


Chanukah Medium Basket

Product Description:
A beautifully packaged wicker basket filled with an assortment of goodies, this Chanukah Medium Basket has just what you are looking for; Smoked salmon, waferroll cookies, flavored coffee, plump pistachios, dried fruit, crackers, chocolates, & more. Apprx 10.5" diameter. Pareve & Dairy items. We add Chanukah cookies, gelt, dreidel and more!


Chanukah Special Basket

Product Description:
This unique bamboo basket will be filled with all your favorite Chanukah delicacies. Every Chanukah Special Basket has Chanukah Cookies, Chanukah Candles, Chanukah Gelt, coffee, tea, cookies, nuts & so much more. Add a bottle of Kedem Sparkling Grape Juice for a bubbly taste.


Chanukah Cholov Yisroel Message Basket

Product Description:
Write your own Chanukah message on our versatile wooden basket. The front of this basket is made of chalkboard and is just waiting for us to add your note for your family and friends. With Chanukah cookies, sprinkles, gelt, chocolates, nuts, pretzels and dried fruit, this basket sends a message of love and affection. All items are pas yisroel, cholov yisroel or pareve.


Hanukkah Delights Basket

Product Description:
Our elegant Hanukkah Delights Basket is overflowing with gourmet treats. Piroline wafer rolls, flavored coffee, plump pistachios, creamy chocolates, Elsa's Story cheese crackers, Walkers Shortbread Cookies, adorable Chanukah menorah cookies and Chanukah candles etc. Beautifully presented with cellophane and a striking silver bow.


Cholov Yisroel Large Basket

Product Description:
For those who want the ultimate in kosher, our Cholov Yisroel Large basket is filled with cookies that are Pas Yisroel and Yoshon, chocolates that cholov yisroel, or pareve items. Cookies imported from Israel, both pareve and cholov yisroel chocolates, nuts, wasabi peas, hard candies, mints, flavored coffee, fruit preserves, dried fruits. A beautiful selection guaranteed to impress.


Chanukah Colorful Basket

Product Description:
Chanukah and colorful candles; they go together. We have created a special basket that incorporates both the Chanukah and the vibrant colors of this basket! Our Willow basket uses the colors of fall to create a warm holiday atmosphere. Filled with Chanukah cookies and chocolates, this basket has what your family is looking for. Chanukah chocolates and cookies, dried fruits and nuts, flavored coffee, Godiva and so much more. Add some of our crunchy shortbread Chanukah cookies in fun Chanukah shapes.


Chanukah Large Basket

Product Description:
Looking for a Chanukah Large Basket? Look no further than our large wicker basket chock full of goodies. Delicious wafer roll cookies, mouthwatering chocolates, smoked salmon, flavored crackers, plump pistachios, creamy hot cocoa, crunchy shortbread cookies, etc. We fill both sides of the basket. Either way you look at it, our baskets are delicious. Beautifully wrapped with a large bow. Apprx 11.5" diameter. Pareve & Dairy items included. Decorated and filled with Hannukah items that are sure to please! Add our Chanukah treats box for the kids to enjoy!


Gold and Silver Chanukah Gift Basket

Product Description:
Elegant and distinctive, our Gold and silver Chanukah basket is sure to elicit oohs and aahs. Send it to your business associates and customers for an impressive presentation.

The most elegant gift basket ever. This beautiful silver metal basket with gold embellishments will impress your family and friends. Along with the Chanukah cookies, chocolates, and dreidel candy, we add flavored hot cocoa and coffee, Godiva chocolates, peanut butter pretzels, Brent and Sam cookies cinnamon almonds, caramel popcorn and candy confections.


Chanukah Royal Basket

Product Description:
Every Chanukah Royal Basket is presented in a striking two tone wicker basket overflowing with the best in gourmet kosher delights. Smoked Salmon, crunchy wafer roll cookies, ghirardelli chocolates, premium nuts, flavored coffee, tea & much more. To help celebrate Chanukah, we add crunchy Chanukah cookies, creamy chocolates and Chanukah gelt.


Hanukkah Elegance Basket

Product Description:
Brand New!!! Stunning blue and white wire basket elegantly presented with the finest gourmet Chanukah items. Every Hanukkah Elegance Basket has Plumb pistachios, Chanukah cookie, dreidel, cookies, flavored pretzels, tropical fruit confections, smoked salmon and crackers, herbal tea, Godiva chocolates and more.


Chanukah Simply Extravagant Basket

Product Description:
Celebrate the Holiday's with our Chanukah Simply Extravagant Basket. send delicious holiday treats to your family and friends. Chanukah cookies, gelt, chocolates and dreidels. We fill a sophisticated Silver Wine box with an assortment of gourmet treats. Smoked Salmon. Flavored Coffee, dried fruit & nuts, crunchy rolled wafers, exotic flavored teas and coffee, Chocolates and more! When only the best will do, we've included Godiva Chocolates too!

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Chanukah Wine Box

Product Description:
Enjoy your Chanukah & get a wine box too! Filled with Smoked Salmon, Fancy pretzels, Godiva Chocolates, Dried fruit, Plump pistachios , flavored coffee & more. After the treats are gone, this wooden box becomes a wine holder!


Three Section Chanukah Basket

Product Description:
Chanukah is 8 days long. You need lots of treats to last through the whole holiday. Our 3 section basket offers a huge selection of candy, cookies and gourmet goodies. With flavored pretzels, candy confections, dried fruit, nuts, Godiva chocolates, Walkers cookies, herbal tea, coffee, Torie and Howard hard candy, Chanukah cookie, gelt, and chocolates, this basket has everything. We include a Chanukah gift... a spatula for your latkes!

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Chanukah Treasure Chest Basket

Product Description:
Send this Beautiful Chanukah Treasure Chest Basket filled with your favorite gourmet treats. Gourmet chocolates, nuts, imported wafer roll cookies, premium dried fruit, fruity hard candy, rum balls, and more. This beautiful box can be reused as a wine holder! Chanukah treats of chocolates, cookies, gelt and more are sure to please. Our crunchy rugulach are the perfect addition to this gift.


Happy Chanukah The Big One

Product Description:
Happy Chanukah The Big One is an extravagant collection of delicious treats. Gourmet chocolates, smoked salmon, crunchy gourmet cookies, mouthwatering rugulach, fruity hard candies, flavored coffee, plump pistachios, marzipan & Godiva chocolates. You will need 2 hands to lift it! For a relaxing addition, add Wissotzky Tea and Dreams to your order!


Chanukah Picnic Basket

Product Description:
You may be cold but our Chanukah picnic basket filled with chocolate, nuts, cookies, smoked salmon, dried fruit, and flavored coffee will warm your heart! Chanukah treats include menorah cookies, Chanukah candies, chocolate gelt, candles, dreidel and more!


Chanukah Top of the Line Basket

Product Description:
Our largest Basket, the Chanukah Top of the Line Basket , contains Caviar, Vermouth Spiked Stuffed Olives, Godiva Chocolates, Premium Dried Fruit, Smoked Salmon, Rugelach, flavored coffee and tea, marzipan, SaraBeth's fruit preserves and more. A huge assortment of only the finest in Kosher Gourmet treats! Chanukah treats include a special Chanukah gift of blown glass dreidels, candles, chocolates, Menorah cookies, and gelt.


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